Stepper motor witch 1000-1200 RPM

I am wanting to accurately control a motor, so I’m hoping to use a stepper motor. If for on a sewing machine, so it doesn’t have to be real big.
I’ve used a SparkFun motor :
And an easydriver:
Powered by 12 VDC, Controlled from an Arduino UNO.
But I can only get the stepper motor to run a mod of about 200 RPM. I know stepper motors don’t go as fast as regular DC motors, but would there be something that would give me 1000-1200 RPM?
I notice most of the stepper motors here have a low voltage rating like 3-6 volts. Is this normal? The EasyDriver I’m using needs a minimum of 6 Volts motor supply. Maybe the easydriver is my limitation.
If someone knows of a stepper motor and motor controller combination that will run over 1000 RPM, I’d like to try it out.

For the highest possible speed from a stepper, use a modern switching stepper driver and the highest possible voltage (40 or 60 V is not uncommon) that is safe for the driver.

The motor voltage rating is not relevant, rather the current limit is the important rating.

Set the current limit properly and use software that gradually accelerates the motor to the desired speed.

For that RPM, you might be better off with a DC motor and a speed encoder.

If you have the stepper parameters you can calculate the max rpm using this site: … ator.phtml