Stepper Motor Random Jump w/Rpi 3 B+

I have a series of TB67S279FTG stepper motor controllers supporting some Welco stepper Motor Pumps (WP1000_1100 Peristaltic Pump|WELCO). The motors are powered with a 24vdc power supply, and the controllers are set to 90 percent of their max current. I have the controllers being triggered with the raspberry pi, and while it has been working well enough on early testing, I seem to continue to get random, sporadic pulses of the stepper motors.

I’m uncertain if there is either something wired improperly, or if the raspberry pi might be delivering some feedback to the pins connected to the stepper motor controllers to trigger this? There is presently no code running, so I do not consider this a programming issue at the time- let me know if any images of setup are required. Thanks!


Are you saying that with the Raspberry Pi connected, but not running any code (i.e. no signals to the driver are changing) the stepper motor is jittering or twitching? Could you post details about how everything is connected, as well as pictures of your setup that show all of your connections? A video of the motor’s behavior might help, too.