Stepper Motor Question (CM808-065R)

I salvaged a motor from a power chair and am hoping to re-purpose it for a project of mine. It has 4 control outputs mapped to Green,Yellow,Blue,White and two heavy duty power cables (24v). (it is a CM808-065R) I don’t have, and can’t find a datasheet for this motor but was wondering if anyone could help. I am interested in what motor controller I could use with this and also how I would connect it. I am assuming I need to put 24v power directly into the motor. Original chair had two large 12v dry cells. Thanks for any pointers you can share, would love to get this running. Tried with a Tic T825 but it kept reporting safe start violations.Was using an external 24v power supply hooked to the motor.


That appears to be a brushed DC motor.

You need a driver that can handle the start/stall current. Try to find a data sheet for the motor, or measure the winding resistance using a high quality multimeter and report that (probably less than 0.3 Ohm).

If the following link to a forum post is a guide, the maximum running current is probably 65 Amperes, and the starting current will be well over that value.