Stepper Motor Getting Very Hot (nema23 with 8825)


I’m using a Nema23 stepper motor ( ) with DRV8825 ( I adjusted the current limit of the driver to 0.5A which is half of 1A. My power supply is 12V-2A. The motor runs well, but it gets very hot. I almost burnt my fingertips when I touched the motor while running.

According to the data sheet of the motor, the temp of the motor body could go up 80C, but I’m still worried about the heat. I’m using the motor for an installation and the motor needs to run for 2 weeks without break time.

Do you think it’s fine to run the motor regardless of the heat? Or, is there anything that I can do to cool down the motor? Should I decrease the current limit on the driver?

Any advice would be very helpful.

Thank you.


It is normal for a stepper motor to get hot when in operation. Since your motor draws current while holding position, it will get hot even when stationary. As long as you are not exceeding the current limit of the stepper motor or driver, it should be fine to operate the motor in that condition. Can you tell me what you set the VREF voltage to when you set your current limit?

To keep your stepper motor as cool as possible, you could try operating the stepper motor at a current limit as low as your system will allow. You will need to experiment a bit to see what that limit should be. You might also try some forced air flow if you are concerned about it.