Stepper motor controller selection

Hi, I am a newcomer to stepper motor, pololu offers a surprisingly wide range of both driver and stepper motor itself. I have seen that the drivers have a wide range of possible input voltage, most of the above 6V however a lot of pololu stepper motor have below 6V rating. My question is that can you drive the motors rated below 6V with the drivers that support input above 6V. Thank you for your time.


The voltage ratings on those stepper motors just specify the voltage that corresponds to the maximum rated current through the coils of that stepper motor (the coils have a fixed resistance). Our stepper motor drivers allow users to set a current limit, which also enables you to supply a relatively wide range of input voltages to your stepper motor. You can find an explanation for why that works under the first FAQ on the A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier FAQs tab.