Stepper motor connection using LabView program

Hi Pololu teams,

I bought two weeks ago a stepper motor (number 1200) and a A 4983 driver carrier. I’m trying hard to make work the stepper with my Lab View program. I connected the pin as the description manual on the website illustrate. But I have signal on my NI BNC 2120 board and the motor is not turning.
Also, I’m using a 12 V power supply (I can select +5V, +12V, and _12V on this power supply).

The forum do not allow more than 3 files on attach, I would add more pictures of my connection.

Please can you tell what is wrong?
DIO= Digital Input/Output ( 0 to 7 +DGND)
6 leads unipolar/bipolar stepper motor (200 step per revolution, 4V, 1200mA)
Lab View code program

Thank you.

More pictures


I am sorry you are having trouble with your stepper driver. We discontinued our A4983 driver carrier a while ago. Did you buy an A4983 from one of our distributors, or do you actually have an A4988?

You have a lot of connections going to your breadboard that make it hard to see what is going on. What state are you setting the reset, enable, and MS pins to? Do you actually need to be able to change their state while the driver is operating? If not, I suggest getting rid of most of those connections and trying to match our minimal wiring diagram on the driver’s product page. (Even if you do need those connections, it might be a good idea to remove them for now and get the driver working first, then add them back later.)

Do you have an oscilloscope you can use to see if the right signals are being sent to each of the inputs on the driver?

- Kevin