Stepper Driver with Sinusoidal Control

I’ve been using the SainSmart 3.5A TB6560 driver and reduced vibration on my project as much as possible. I use 16X microstepping, I use to just enough current to meet my motion needs, and I physically vibe isolated the stepper motors.

At high frequency, the steppers are surprisingly quiet. But at low frequency, vibration is still too high. So now I’m ready to invest in a new stepper driver. Does Pololu offer a stepper driver featuring sinusoidal current control to reduce low frequency vibration? Does the AMIS-30543 offer that? If not, can Pololu recommend one that is reasonably priced? Thank you.


As far as we know, the AMIS-30543 driver does not have that feature, and we do not have any recommendations for a driver that does.