Step motor stopping problem at low speeds (Amis-30543)

Dear all,
I am trying to drive a 2 phase motor by using Amis-30543 driver. I am using the step motor given in below link:

Also, my main controller is Texas Instruments Tiva C Series TM4C123GXL.

There is a quadrature encoder on my stepper motor which is working fine. I checked with my oscilloscope.

The problem is:
When I try to turn the motor at high speed, there is no problem. It turn exactly what I want. I mean, I want 150 revolutions, it turn totally 150. I want 350, it turns 350.

But, if I decrease the speed, motor stop turning after some turn. I mean, I want 150 revolutions, it turn 45 and stops. I want 350, it turns 45 and stops.

For Amis-30543 configuration I use:
Stepmode SM : 0
Stepmode ESM: 3 (Uncompensated Full Step)

If I 1/32 microstep, the same problem happens.

Please a little help.

Thanks in advance.


It seems like you might not have the step mode set correctly. You might have a look at the setStepMode function in our AMIS-30543 library for Arduino for a reference of how to set the step mode.

What kind of power supply are you using to power the driver? What do you have the current limit set to? If you post a video that shows the behavior and your code, I can look for other problems.