Step Motor hold position/tension when deengerized

Hi, I am using the Tic 834 and a Nema 17 on a little project

My question per the subject line. If I remove power/de-engerize the stepper motor is there a way for me to make it stay/lock in its current position?

Alternatively, is there any issue leaving it energized for several hours (I have the current setting in the Tic Control panel set to supply it only 1 Amp of current because there is not much weight it is driving. This is all going to be outside at night while shooting Astro Photography.

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The stepper has to be powered continuously in order to hold position, unless there is a gear train that will substitute. Worm gears cannot be driven backwards.

Steppers are designed to be powered continuously and can get quite warm (up to about 80 C is allowed in most cases). Those AA cells won’t last for more than about 2 hours, at 1A draw.

thank you much.

I have since swapped over to a wall adapter which I have set to 7.5V.

Gear drives sound interesting, I will have to figure out if I could come up with something that would work. Any recommendations that would work?

would something like one of these work? Could I connect them to the Tic?

Or this motor


It looks like both of the motors you linked to are brushed DC motors, not stepper motors, so a brushed DC motor controller like one of our G2 Simple Motor Controllers or Jrk G2 Motor Controllers with Feedback would be better suited for those motors.

- Patrick