STEP/DIR and limit switches

I’m using 2 Tic 825 drivers for two lead screws moving a platform.
Since I want the drivers to always be in sync, I ran the STEP/DIR lines from one to the other. They move in sync quite well.
However, I also want limit switches (forward/reverse) for both drivers. Is it possible to use limit switches when the Tic is set up for STEP/DIR?

Hello, pkelly.

Since the STEP and DIR pins on the Tic are connected to the STEP and DIR inputs on the on-board stepper motor driver IC, limit switches will not work with a Tic configured for STEP/DIR control.

You could still connect limit switches for both motors to the Tic that is providing the STEP/DIR for the other, and when any of those limit switches is triggered, it will stop both motors.


Thanks, Brandon, for the answer. Certainly not what I wanted to hear, but mostly expected.
I thought about connecting all the limit switched to the ‘master’, but that would stop me from stopping one motor at a time. If they ever got out of sync, it would be very difficult to get them back in.