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Steeper motor control help, newbie!

I want to add Z axis power to my small vertical mill. I do not want to learn programing with Arduino. What I need is a 6 Amp driver, 34 NEMA motor and a controller that will allow me to do the following…

  1. Switch rotation direction and with a potentiometer to control speed.
  2. A simple push button switch that will step the motor a number of rotations in ether direction with the ability to increase or decrease the default number of steps.
    I may find that while milling that I need a change of depth of .025 on each pass that will require 20-steps. Every time I press the button I get 20-steps.
    Am I asking to much from a controller using analog control? Oh please and simple directions for hook up!!

Thank you.
Ray D

Hello, Ray.

Unfortunately, we do not have a stepper motor controller that can handle 6A continuously per phase. Also, please note that NEMA 34 just specifies a size and does not give any information about the ratings or requirements for the stepper motor (i.e. voltage and current per phase ratings).

I suspect you will not be able to find a stepper motor controller that can do exactly what you are asking without some kind of programing or separate microcontroller. Most readily-available controllers are intended to be more of a versatile solution that allow the user to set up systems like you described, instead of limiting the controller to some particular set of operations like that.


I have the Stepper motor and the 6A driver so all I was realy requiring is the controller. I understand your answer. I found a controller on eBay I just was hoping to purchase from a better source.
Thank you.
Ray D

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