Stand-offs for LVDSMC

I’m using the Low Voltage Dual Serial Motor Controller. I’m wondering what kind of stand-offs folks recommend for using in its mounting holes? It seems like it would be unstable to solder it into a PCB without stand-offs, because the pin sockets extend a little below the base of the LCDSMC board.




If you’re really soldering it in, that should be enough to hold the board since it’s not that heavy. If you want to add some support, something like nylon standoffs would probably be best since you wouldn’t have to worry about shorting anything out. The top side is crowded, but there is enough space for a #2 screw head; on the bottom side, it doesn’t matter as much since there’s nothing to hit, so anything with a hole large enough for your screw should be fine.

- Jan

Cool, that’s helpful. :slight_smile: Thanks again,