Speed controlled fan

I build a motion simulator with a smal fan system to simulate the headwinds depending from the actual speed from the race game. I use xsim motion software. Two impeller motors are contected to two RC controllers and the controllers are connected to pololu maestro 6 channel board and the board is connected via USB to the computer.
My problem now is to find the correct programming in the maestro control centre.
At the moment the fans are starting with a race with fullspeed and stoped not until the speed of the car reached 0 kmh. Means the fans are on or off and they are not depending to the current speed. I assume it is a mistake in the settings of the pololu board.
I hope I could find help here.
Many thank in advance



I am not very familiar with using the X-SIM Motion Software, but you might try removing the X-SIM part of the system and seeing if you can control the speed of the fans by using the sliders in the “Status” tab of the Maestro Control Center to set the outputs from the Maestro.

As I mentioned, I am not very familiar with using the X-SIM Motion Software (or your RC controllers), but I noticed you also already posted about this on the X-SIM forum as well. Someone there might be more likely to be able to help you with this problem; however, if you want to post your Maestro settings file here, I can take a look and see if I notice anything.


Hi Brandon,
many thanks for reply!
I can control the fans with the sliders in the Meastro Control Centre but I can not control the fans with Xsim. Sometimes the fans has been started if the car in the game has been speeded up, but only with fullspeed and I like control the fans with speed in the game.
I will send you some screenshots from my settings as well from Xsim. Perhaps you are able to find something.

Many thanks in advance formyour support.

Best regards

here are some pictures from my settings
At the moment there is no response from the fans. The strange thing is, I was one time able to start a fan and I could controlled the speed of one fans in the same way as I controlled the speed of the game. But as I tried to set up the second fan I lost the comunication between Pololu Maestro and Xsim.
Since this moment I was not able to bring that back.
I really hope someone can help me.

Many thanks in advance

I am not sure how the X-SIM settings work, but it looks like the minimum and maximum values might be setting the scale for the speed you are setting for the Maestro channels. If this is the case, and your speed values are going between 1 and 1008, that might cause the fans to reach max speed very quickly since the MiniSSC protocol uses 0 to 255 (with a neutral position at 127).

It’s hard to say what might have caused your Maestro to lose connection with X-SIM; does it still get detected by your PC when you connect it to USB? Can you still control it from the Maestro Control Center?


Hi Brandon,
I tryed to chanche the settings in Xsim without success. I guess the problem is the incorrect setting of comport. I thing I have to use the TTL Port via Dual USB connection. But if I started Xsim an error 0x0010 occured on the Pololu control centre, and the connection between pololu and Xsim has been cutted.
Do you know which Com setting could be correct?

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It seems unlikely that the XSIM software uses the TTL Port, since that would only be useful if there were some serial device connected to the RX and TX lines of the Maestro. Could you try using the Command Port and seeing if that fixes the error you are getting?