Speed control using A4988

i am thinking of controlling the speed of a stepper motor with the following specs

Motor Type: Bipolar StepperStep Angle: 0.018º
Step Accuracy: 5 %
Holding Torque: 48 kg·cm
Rated Torque: 48 kg·cm
Recommended Voltage: 12 V
DCRated Current: 1.7 A
Coil Resistance: 1.7 O

i need to supply a pulse of 15KHz to the motor drive from the controller will that be possible. I need to confirm this before purchasing the A4988.

Why do you need to send pulses at 15 kHz? If that is to be the step rate, have you confirmed that it is possible for the motor to rotate so quickly?


All of our stepper motor drivers are capable of handling step rates well above 15 kHz. You can find out the maximum step frequency of the A4988 stepper motor driver from the datasheet, which can be found under the Resources tab on the product page. However, as Jim pointed out, the limitation of accomplishing that speed will most certainly be on the motor side.

You might consider using the DRV8825 stepper motor driver instead, which can deliver more current and allow you to get closer to the rated current of your stepper motor.

- Zeeshan

yes the motor has the rpm of 44 and for the max current of 1.8A i will use a heatsink or a cooling fan
now i have one more question my requirement is a bit changed.
I will need the motor to stop completely when the input to the driver stops because the inertia might keep it moving even when there is no step signal. As far as i understand the enable pin only turns off the bridge circuit in the driver and does not ensure breaking. Is there any way of breaking the motor? or can you recommend any other motor driver in the same price range?

When the stepper motor coils are energized, it attempts to hold its position with the maximum possible torque (known as “holding torque”) until you take the next step. There is a good chance that this will be strong enough to keep rotor inertia from being a problem, but if it is not, you can try to implement a gradual deceleration as you near your target position, or you can try to add an encoder to your stepper motor so you can tell if it has overshot its target position.

- Zeeshan