Spare encoders for the 25D motors?

I accidentally put on the connectors for two motors backwards. The expected result is of course that I fried the encoders when the driver driver current was sent into them.

Now, I wonder if there is a way to get spare encoders?

Or enough information to buy spare components to replace whatever it is that is actually broken (I assume it is the hall-effect sensor)


Unfortunately, we do not carry just the encoder for our 25D motors. We do carry the motors without gearbox though, so you can reuse the gearbox and reduce the cost of a replacement. The motors without gearbox are listed on the site as 1:1 gear ratio. For example the 1:1 HP 6V w/encoder.



You don’t happen to have the manufacturer and exact part number and/or the product sheet for the hall detector? That way I could see if I can find a compatible one from some other source?

We do not manufacture the encoder boards on our 25D gearmotors ourselves, so we do not know the part numbers of the components used. However, even if we did, trying to remove the magnetic disc is likely to damage the gearmotor, so attempting to replace or repair the board is unlikely to be practical.