[SOLVED]DRV8833, MCU powered via VMM


I have an AStar MiniLV, a DRV8833 and 2 lipos in series. My lipos go to the GND and VIN pins of the DRV8833. And the GND and VMM pins of the DRV8833 are then hooked up to Bat+/- on the AStar.

I get 8.3 volts across the GND/VIN on the 8833, but I am only reading 2 volts anywhere on the VMM side of the driver.

My intention with this setup was to have the MCU and sensors on the safe end of both reverse voltage protection circuits since this is a sumo robot. Although that is likely overkill so I can just wire it up directly.

Anyway, is that the right way to use VMM?

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OK I’m a cook.

The board is being powered by the batteries. I thought that it wasn’t because the TX/RX pins weren’t blinking, but the USB wasn’t connected…

And I was reading 2V at the Bat pins on the MCU because I had the multimeter on the wrong setting.

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