[SOLVED] 2133 Stepper - Only one driver pair working

I have separately emailed this problem to the support email address, but am posting here as well in the hopes that somebody may be able to offer some insight.

I have a 2133 stepper carrier, but only one driver seems to be working.

It seems the B1/B2 pair is faulty. With no motor attached, they show alternate “logic” levels (as they should - one at 12V [Vmot], the other at 0V). However, with the motor connected (coil resistance tested correct) the one is pulled to the level of the other (While A1/A2 manage to hold their levels). When stepping the motor, the motor simply bounces back on forth when A1/A2 reverse polarity, but do nothing when B1/B2 change.

Has anyone seen this before?

Any assistance/suggestions appreciated.

Edit: I leave this here as a warning to others, but the mods are welcome to delete this thread if they like.

Before posting, I did try resoldering the pins, but obviously there was still some problem. I expect a high impedance to the adjacent ground pin.

I since completely redid all three pins and the driver is working as expected.



It sounds like the problem could be due to the current limit not being set appropriately for your stepper motor. Could you tell me what stepper motor you are using and measure the voltage at the VREF via? If you have not set the current limit, you can find a description of how to do so in the “Current limiting” section of the DRV8825 carrier’s product page. Also, how are you supplying power?