Soldering Iron Selection

I am looking for a soldering iron good for detail work such as soldering the Pololu IR beacon, although it will also be used on occasion for larger scale things such as soldering lengths of wire together, or the like. Is the soldering iron offered here a good choice for that?

I have used two different types of soldering irons in the past. One had a separate base unit, and the other was a single piece unit such as the ones offered here. I don’t know the brands or specs of either one. The one with the separate base unit worked quite nicely, and I was able to do an excellent soldering job on the pair of IR beacons I was working with. The all in one unit (which came as part of a tool set), however, was large and cumbersome to work with, and all I was able to make was a mess. Thus the reason I am somewhat concerned about whether or not the irons offered here are suitable. Thanks for any assistance you can offer.


The soldering iron we carry is an economy option when compared to soldering stations, but it is a decent soldering iron. The tip is well-tapered so that you can do the kind of work you are talking about. Real detailed work, though, with surface-mounted components or finer-pitch through-hole connectors, would not be practical with this soldering iron.

If you are going to be using the soldering for a few hours a month, I think the one we carry is reasonable. If you can spend more money or if you are going to be soldering a lot, I would strongly recommend a soldering station.

- Jan

Thanks. Any recommendations for a relatively cheap soldering station? Like I said, I have done some soldering, but just having used what was available, I know nothing about selecting a good unit, tips, etc.


All of the soldering stations I have dealt with have been decent. I like the Solomon SL-30, which you can get at MPJA for $70. It’s part number 11171 TL.

- Jan

Can Any body help me with getting a soldering Iron. For Soldering IC’s we need thin Irons and for soldering many wires we need bigger ones. Can I get the approx cost of those.

There’s a nice little discussion of our various favorite models of soldering irons here.

My personal favorites are Metcal stations. They heat up very quickly.