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Solar powered robot

Dear Friends,
I am building a solar powered robot to drive in square lap and have been using Tamiya twin-motor gearbox but i am trying to decide what wheels are better for the robot to drive. The objective is to drive on Astroturf(material of football field). If someone could suggest me what wheels can i use and also if any other gearbox is better than the one i am using.


The Tamiya gearboxes aren’t particularly efficient, so that might be a problem for a solar project. The wheels are relatively small, so I think you should use the biggest wheels.

- Jan

Hey Jan,
I understand that, but could i use the Tamiya 70100 Track and Wheel set and will the motors consume a lot of power. Also if any suggestions for the power storage. I am using 1F capacitors rated at 5V but it takes long time to charge as load is applied to it. Only passive components are allowed to be used.
Thanks again for your reply.

I think you’ll have to rethink some things since that cap will give you only a few (less than 5) seconds of run time, plus I don’t think you can do anything useful with just passive components.

- Jan

We are entering this competition which has rules and the rules are using passive components, not much of choice we have. here is the link to the competition rules:
southeastcon2010.org/index.p … &Itemid=83
We already have thought a lot of the stuff and done lot of testing but just need to know if we can run far with this track and wheel set.

I didn’t see anything about no passive components in your link. (I searched for “active”, too, and found nothing relevant.)

Anyway, the parts you’re talking about aren’t all that efficient, so I think something made out of them won’t be that competitive. Tracks in general will hurt your efficiency a lot.

- Jan


Maybe by “passive components” you meant “no batteries”? Computing is encouraged. Here are some others that have a head start on you, maybe you can glean some useful tidbits from them to be even better!

Let us know how it goes.


Yeah we already have started it but had to make some changes due to power issues. But this is very useful to us and thank you for your help. I will update you with it.


It’s nice to see a lot of Pololu components in those bots! The wheels especially seem to be a hit.

- Ryan

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