Recommendations for quiet 3kg robot

closing year I constructed my first robotic based on Rover five platform and controlled via Arduino. I used it as an R & D platform an stacked it with numerous sensors, boards and electronics. It in the end weighed 2.five kg. too much for the Rover five engines (7.2V DC / load modern-day <160 mA / gearbox ratio: 86.8:1 / velocity: 1 km/hr). The issue became disturbing slow

Now i am considering to make a 2d robotic. One with mecanum wheels and heavier engines. The robotic must not make an excessive amount of noise. have to be pretty rapid (+/- five km/hr) and have to easily be able to boost up. I anticipate that the robotic will weigh about three kg.


I moved your post to be its own thread. We do not have the noise of our gearmotors characterized, and none of our gearmotors are specifically designed to have low noise. Regardless, you might consider looking at the Wild Thumpers. When powered at 7.2V, the versions of the chassis with 34:1 gearmotors can reach a top speed of approximately 7 km/h (4.5 mph), and the 6 wheeled version can support up to about 5kg of payload. We do not carry any versions of the Wild Thumper without wheels, but I suspect that there are Mecanum wheels out there for 4mm shafts (which is the output shaft size of the 25D mm gearmotors).