smc03a status led

Hi everybody,

I would like to know if someone can explain me how to interpret the status of the board based on the outputs available for LED on pin 4 (green LED) and pin 6 (red LED).

Is the meaning of these two LED outputs the same both for Position Mode and Speed Mode?

I would like to connect these two lines to a PC to have a kind of feedback.

Thank you in advance for your support.
Ciao, Roberto


Here you go:

Feedback modes:
red on: motor speed at max
green on: error magnitude less than or equal to 1
(In RC mode, both LEDs on for no signal)
(In serial mode, red or green light flashes for serial too slow or to fast)

serial input, no feedback
red LED: motor error
green LED: on if motor speed not 0

RC input, no feedback
red LED on: bad RC signal
green LED on: good RC signal

analog input, no feedback
red LED for one direction, green LED for other direction

- Jan

Hi Jan,
thank you very much for your help
and prompt answer.
Now its clear to me.
I developed a VI within National Instruments LabVIEW to drive the SMC03A board and to program it with new parameters settings, if someone is interested you just have to ask me and I will send the source code.