SMC G2 error


I have encountered a problem with my SMCg2. I use it by simply connecting it to a raspberry pi 3B, using the pySerial [] library to communicate with the Simple Motor Controller G2 via serial. It has always been working fine, but since a few days, the Raspberry pi does not recognize the SMC anymore. The led status is:
-blinking yellow led
-steady red led
-blinking green led

Do you have any idea of what could have happened?


Hello, Anna.

Can you provide more details on how the Raspberry Pi is not recognizing the SMC G2 board anymore? Can you run lsusb in the terminal and post the results here? Also, can you run dmesg right after plugging in the SMC G2 and post the entire output as well?

- Amanda

By running those commands, nothing happens compared to the SMC unplugged. The device is not recognized by any computer, I have tried but with other Computers with Linux or Windows operating systems, but still the SMC is not recognized.

It sounds like your USB cable might have stopped working. Can you try a different USB cable that you know works with other devices?

- Amanda