SMC G2 Analog Feedback Calibration

Help!!! Using a Rpi4 Touchscreen App to Arduino Mega 2560 to control 3 Firigelli linear actuators with Bournes analog potentiometers. Using I2c for control of SMC G2 18v15 and everything works great. The problem I’m having is when building a new project the new motors don’t stop in the same spots. Not a clue on coding, but looking at the at the Pololu SMC program, I can see the voltage readings are quite different. I’m guessing the actuators need to be calibrated for them to be consistent. Can this be done in the Pololu program or is there a way to calibrate them with the Arduino? Thanks in advance.


The Simple Motor Controllers do not have support for handling analog voltage feedback for closed-loop position control directly. It sounds like you are implying that your current (working) system is using the feedback potentiometers to control the range of motion of your actuators. So, if that is the case, the Arduino in that system is probably handling the processing of that.

If you want a motor controller that can handle the closed-loop position control for you, then you might consider the Jrk G2 motor controllers. However, please note that they do not use the same I2C commands and are not drop-in replacements for the Simple Motor Controllers, so you would need to re-work your code.