SMC G2 18x25 Arduino Library


I’m trying to get started using the SMC G2 18x25 with Arduino. I found that Pololu has an Arduino library on GitHub for the G2 SMCs [], but it doesn’t list the 18x25 as one of the SMCs it’s compatible with. Can I use this library with my SMCs, or is there another library I need to use? If I am using the correct library, do I have to make any adjustments to it (or, for example, the demo code) so that it will work?

I’m not sure if context will change which Arduino library is appropriate to use, but just in case, here is the project: the project is for a mechanical engineering senior capstone project, for which our team is building a fully-autonomous R2-D2. The SMCs will be used in conjunction with 24 V, 100 W, 2500 RPM electric scooter motors.

Thank you for the help!


The library you linked to is not for the Simple Motor Controllers, it is for our High Power Motor Driver Shields. We do not have an Arduino library for the Simple Motor Controllers, but the user’s guide has sample code to help get you started, including examples for controlling the board from an Arduino using serial or I2C communication. These examples will work with any of the G2 SMCs

By the way, if you are powering your motors from a 24 V battery for your project, then you should definitely be using our 24v19 SMC instead of the 18v25, which we do not recommend for use with batteries with nominal voltages greater than 18 V.