SMC 18V7 Motor Driver Error

Hi, I’d like to fix the ‘motor driver error’ that’s giving me my simple motor controller 18v7 when I jump from speed 100% to lower values of speed (50, 30, 10%) in the Pololu Simple Motor Controller Center.

Initially I had the Low VIN error but I fixed that putting a 0 in the Low VIN shutoff cell in Advanced Settings tab.

The issue is that when I’m doing a PID for position control from an Arduino, values of speed have to be able to change fast as the motor goes back and forth repeatedly, so its changing from speed 100% to 0% in a small amount of time and then from 0% to -100% which is no problem, but then back to 0% just as an arm repeatedly goes back and forth.

Btw I’m using this Motor:

I’d really appreciate your advice…
Thanks in advance,


Hello, Daniel.

I apologize for the extremely long delay in this response; somehow we did not notice your post when it was originally made. If you are still having this issue, has anything changed between when you first posted and now?