SMC 18v15 pricing?

Trying to understand for my future planning. Seems like the Simple Motor Controllers are much, much more expensive than when I last purchased them. Granted, it’s been 4 years and they were on sale, but 4x the cost is a lot. (And double the non-sale part).

Is there a different solution(s) I’m overlooking that I should be considering in the future?

What is your application? What are you planning to do with motor controllers? I mean, which motor do you wanna drive?

I use the 37D some and also e100 scooter motors.

Hello, Kresty.

I apologize for the delayed reply. Unfortunately, lot of prices right now (including those of the SMCs) are being skewed by production constraints from the global parts shortages. In case you haven’t seen it yet, this blog post has more information about how the shortages have been affecting us:

Depending on your specific requirements, some our high-power Motoron Motor controllers might work for you as alternatives:

- Ben

Thanks. After I posted, I did see a post (think it was a different one) and also the descriptions of “rationing” which I’d missed and were very helpful to understand the situation. Makes more sense now :wink: