Slow Motor 1deg/s

For testing and calibrating a gyro I need a motor witch will turn a turntable at approx. 1°/s. I don’t know if I can use stepper motors, since the turning movement should be really smooth… Is there any motor/gearbox which can go to that low speed? I also thought about cascading multiple gearboxes. I also want to use a PID Controller to control the speed.

Any suggestions?



Hello, Tom.

I agree, a stepper motor does not seem appropriate for that kind of movement. We do not have any other solutions that would easily allow you to get that slow of a rotation speed.

1 degree per second is pretty slow, and it is probably near or below the lower limit of what you could reliably measure with the kind of gyros that we sell. What gyro are you trying to calibrate, and what do you want to use it for?