SLEEP The dual MC33926 motor driver

The dual MC33926 motor driver carrier

Will low EN pin sleep driver or must SLEW also be low?

If so, can these two pins be connected together to awaken driver for fast PWM then sleep with both low.

Thanks –


The state of the SLEW pin is not relevant when the ENABLE pin is low. If it is not convenient for you to make a direct connection from SLEW to VCC, you can connect it to ENABLE for convenience.

- Ben

Thanks, Ben, I will jumper SLEW high and Enable sleep with EN low from PIC micro. The chip data sheet was unclear –

Sleep State Supply Current (12)
D2, INV, SLEW = Logic [0], IN1, IN2, D1 = Logic [1], and IOUT = 0 A

Having read the spec, I understand that the relevant pin is EN and only EN.
But you can reduce consumption by some additionnal 100’s of µA if you polarize the input pins so that the current sources (say, pull-up or pull-down) won’t deliver any current.