Simultaneous Linear Actuators with Dual TB9051FTG Motor Driver Shield


I’ve built an adjustable height standing desk using these linear actuators:

I’ve wired them like their manufacturer recommends using a DPDT switch but they are out of sync. If I run change the height of the desk a couple of time it is no longer level. To correct I need to run them till they both hit their limits (either fully extended or retracted.) I’m moving to a new office and would like to upgrade my desk.

Is the TB9051FTG Motor Driver shield the right product for these two actuators?



Based on the specifications you linked to, I think the dual TB9051FTG motor driver shield would be a good choice for controlling your linear actuators. We also have that driver available on a single driver carrier and a dual driver expansion board for Raspberry Pi.

Alternatively, if you want to control your actuators with higher level interfaces, you might consider our G2 Simple Motor Controllers or our G2 Jrk Motor Controllers with Feedback. It does not look like this is applicable to your linear actuators, but the Jrks are especially useful if your actuator has a analog position feedback signal that can be used for closed-loop control, which is usually necessary for getting multiple actuators to truly run synchronously. If accounting for the variance does not work as well as you’d like with just speed control and you decide to get new actuators to support feedback, you might consider some of our linear actuators which are available with and without feedback. We also have some instructions for setting them up with a Jrk G2 controller at the bottom of their respective product pages.

- Patrick