Simultaneous encoder and serial control

I have three T500 boards controlling motors. They have continuous rotation optical encoders as their control input. I want to create a dual control setup, think manual vs automatic, for this machine, where the encoders are turned manually, or an automatic (rs232 commands to go to a specific position) change could be triggered. It seems from the manuals that the T500 can’t do both at the same time, they use the same terminals. Is this true, is there a work around, is there a different board that would work?


Unfortunately, the Tic does not support encoder and serial control at the same time, and I do not have any suggestions for a stepper motor controller that would handle that. You might be able to make a setup like that using a separate microcontroller such as an Arduino to read your input signals and convert them into the appropriate signals for either a stepper motor driver or a Tic controller.