Simple Stepper control with t500

I just bought my first stepper driver the TIC T500, and I want to control a Nema 17 (17HS19-2004S1), I want to use two push buttons, so when I click one the stepper turns “x deg” clockwise and when clicking the other one turns “x deg” counter clockwise.

Is it possible with this driver?
Is there a basic guide I could use?
Do I need another hardware?

I know its a very basic question, but I am new in this kind of electronics. Hope you can help me out.


The Tic currently has no way to read and interpret button presses as inputs to trigger it to take a specified number of steps each time they are pressed, like you described. You might consider using a separate microcontroller, such as an Arduino or one of our A-Star programmable controllers, to process your button presses and send commands to the Tic via its TTL serial or I2C interface to control your stepper motor as desired.


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