Simple motor controller

After trying to upload an Arduino sketch on Com 3, my motor controller is unable to connect. could I have overwritten the firmware?


It’s difficult to help you troubleshoot the problem without more information. What device do you have connected to COM3 (e.g. Arduino Uno or simple motor controller (SMC))? Also, what are you trying to do?

- Amanda

The simple motor controller must have been on com 3. It seems the Arduino IDE uploaded the sketch to the motor controller. Is this possible with any of the controllers?

No; the Simple Motor Controller (SMC) cannot be programmed through the Arduino IDE, so it’s not possible for you to overwrite the SMC’s firmware with your sketch. Just to be clear, with your SMC directly connected to your computer, are you able to connect to it using the Control Center?

- Amanda

Yes I was connected to it using the Control Center. And it was the only com showing up in Arduino. It was the same com port number. It may be another problem. I now see two devices to connect to, but one has the full name, and another a shortened name. It will connect only to the shortened name. But it does connect. Thanks

We are glad you were able to get things working. It is not clear what you mean by seeing two devices to connect to, but if you are interested in looking into it further, please post a screenshot of what you are seeing that clearly shows what software you are seeing the devices in.