Simple Motor Controller running slowly when stopped?

My motor controller is slowly moving even when I send it “0” (controlling by serial). I’m wondering if the RC scaling applies to the serial commanded motor movements even when it’s being commanded by serial and not R/C?

18v7 four wheel holonomic drive. The other three are “fine”. I’m reading 2 R/C inputs here though, so I’d “learned” the settings from the control center (trying to avoid error when the microcontroller reads it). Then I set it to serial.

Is it scaling the inputs for the “learned” inputs?


The RC scaling settings should not affect the output when you are in serial mode. What command bytes are you sending? Can you try opening the Simple Motor Control Center and seeing what “Current Speed” and “Target Speed” are set to after sending the command? If you use the “Manually set speed” slider to set the speed to 0, does the motor still turn?

Also, can you post your Simple Motor Controller settings file as well as pictures that show all of your connections? You can save your settings file by selecting the “Save settings file…” option within the “File” drop-down menu in the Simple Motor Control Center.


I forgot to follow up. After encountering this, I went into the control center to see what I could see, and then it worked fine. I had to remove some of the mounting screws to get at the USB port the way I had it installed (but I promise they weren’t tight or anything). So that’s really weird.

Oh, I did change the accel/brake values. (Which were at the initial defaults)

So, I have no clue what was wrong, but it’s fine now. It probably noticed I was starting to ask questions and decided to behave!