Simple Motor Controller RC & Serial? eg 24v12 #1378

If I hook up the Simple Motor Controller for RC, can I still read the values from the serial channel? eg 24v12 #1378

It’d be “neat” if you could enable/disable RC mode from the serial line too (so you could take over with serial). I was using 1 channel to drive a motor and the 2nd channel for input, but ended up using an Arduino to read the serial for the motor and then echo it back to drive it. I’d like to be lazier in another 'bot.



Yes. As the Simple Motor Controller user’s guide mentions, regardless of which input mode you are using, you can use the Get Variable serial command to retrieve values from the Simple Motor Controller, including the RC input. You can read more about the Get Variable command in the “Binary Command Reference” section of the user’s guide.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to override and change the input mode through serial. The only way to effectively toggle between inputs is to use the Get Variable command to read the inputs wand then send the appropriate commands with a separate controller through serial to control the motor.

- Jeremy