Simple Motor Controller - Limit switch Invalid Channel

I’m trying to setup a Simple Motor Controller 23V.

Connected to USB/Serial to my computer, using the Simple Motor Control Center on Windows.

24V connected. Motor Connected. I can send serial commands to the board and motor spins in both directions.

However when I try to configure an RC Channel pin as a Limit Switch, I get “motor stopped because a required channel is invalid”

I tried with nothing hooked up to the RC Channel pins.
I tried with a 1K resistor between signal and 5V.
I tried signal connected to ground.

Current Channel Value is listed as N/A

I’d like to avoid using the A1 & A2 pins because I may be hooking up a joystick to those pins.

Is there a way to use the RC pins as limit/kill switches NOT through an RC unit, but just as analogue limit switches?

but still getting the


It sounds like you are trying to use an RC channel with something other than an RC input. The RC channels on the Simple Motor Controllers will give an error when they are not receiving a valid RC input (e.g. when they are disconnected or the signal is out of range). You can find more information about the error is your system under the “Required channel invalid” and “Limit/kill switch” headings in the “Errors” section of the Simple Motor Controller User’s Guide.

There are not enough analog input channels on the Simple Motor Controllers to have a two axis joystick and a limit/kill switch configured. One way to handle something like this might be to use a separate microcontroller (such as an Arduino or our A-Star 32U4 Micro) to process the inputs and communicate serially with the Simple Motor Controller.