Simple Motor Controller 18v7 does not turn the motor


I am trying to turn a CIM-Motor with a Pololu Simple Motor Controller 18v7. I am doing this with a 12V battery and the motor usually has a current of 2.8A. However, when I first connected the motor controller, the motor did not turn. At about 70% on the Controll Center the Motor Contoller shut down because of overheat. We also saw and smelled smoke. Do you know any explanation, because our motor or our battery should not have caused it do smoke.
When we measured continuity on the four big pins (the two were you connect the battery and the two for the motor) they were all conected. However our battey did not loose any significant voltage, even so the pins of both wires of the battery seemed to be connected. Does anyone know if we can do anything about that?

Thank you.


I’m sorry your Simple Motor Controller was damaged. I looked up CIM motor and found this. It looks like the current you specified is the free-run current of that motor. It looks like that stall current of that motor is 133A and at max power output, that motor draws over 800W. If you are using the same motor, none of our Simple Motor Controllers are close to appropriate for driving it.

- Jeremy