Simple high power motor controller 18/15

Hi ive just brought this controller and wanted to no if this is connected to a 12v 600amp lead acid car battery would it work.
Or can i only add 15amps to it.
This is very new to me and i am building a pan tilt system to hold a large cammara.
Any help would be great.


A 12V battery like that should work for powering a Simple Motor Controller. The 600 amps sounds like the cold cranking amp (CCA) rating of an automotive battery, which is the maximum amount of current a battery can potentially provide to a large load like a starter motor. However, in general, batteries do not force current into the system that they are powering; instead the system (or load) will draw as much current as it needs from the battery. If you want to learn more about batteries and how the supply power to a load, you might find this article on our blog helpful.

Also, you might consider adding a fuse in your circuit close to the battery to limit damage if something is accidentally connected wrong.


Ok thats great many thanks for the info