Simple controller 18v7 not driving motor

I have a new, fully assembled one of these and have connected it for rc control as per the manual.
2 red leds on and yellow flashing (1sec). Powered from 6.2v supply.

The RC signal has been verifed as ok(will move a servo correctly) but when connected to the 18v7 it does nothing.

Any bright ideas on how to get this to work?

I don’t have any other gear to test it with unfortunately.



I am sorry you are having problems using your Simple Motor Controller. You should be able to test your controller with the Pololu Simple Motor Control Center program. Could you try testing your system directly with the program by setting the input mode to “USB/Serial” under the “Input Settings” tab and using the “Manually set speed” bar under the “Status” tab to control the speed of your motor over USB? You can read more about this in the “Understanding the Control Center Status Tab” section of the Simple Motor Controller user’s guide.

When you connected the RC receiver to your SMC, did you select RC under “Input Mode” in the Simple Motor Control Center?

- Jeremy