Sharp GP2Y0D810Z0F w/ Pololu Carrier

Good afternoon, sorry to write this post but can not find how to generate a new post. I bought the sensor GP2Y0D810Z0F and carrier board, I’ve welded and connected as indicated in the specification sheet and I connected the 10 uF capacitor between the supply voltage of +5 V and ground. But off the board only get 5 Volts DC, no any change in voltage, there are only 5 volts and the LED detection indicator integrated in the board not activated. What can cause this problem?, Could be damaged sensor?. I remain attentive to their comments and recommendations. Thank you…

Hello, Javier.

I am sorry you are having trouble with that sensor. Can you post pictures of your board that show how you have everything connected? Can you also describe how you are testing it?

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Good day,

Thanks for taking my request and respond to my post. Uttach pdf of the failure of photographs presented in four distance sensors I’m testing and all have the same problem. As seen in the photos the sensor does not change its output voltage to find an obstacle. I tried it with different types of surfaces at different distances to obstacles, even placing 10uF capacitors in the Vin pin and ground. I am attentive to their comments and recommendations.
Photos of failure sharp distance sensors.pdf (899 KB)

Because all four sensors are exhibiting the same behavior, I suspect something might be wrong with your setup or that there might be a soldering issue. Can you post pictures that clearly show the solder joints?