Setting up the SMC for R/c input

I am trying to get the 18V25 SMC to drive a motor from the R/C 1 input.
I have a valid R/C signal on the signal pin (relative to the SMC ground) but get no response from the motor.

My question is: Will the SMC work from the R/C input if it is not set up with the programming software.
I have not been able to get the drivers loaded in a PC so can not use the software yet, so I was hoping to get it working with out using the programming function.

Can anyone assit me please.

Hello, noelgra.

You will need to use the Simple Motor Control Center software to configure the SMC the way you want it. Once you get it working, the “Quick Input Setup” button makes it easy for you to configure your RC input. I recommend trying another computer or telling me more information about your computer and what exactly went wrong with the driver installation.