Setting step angle for AMIS-30543 driver

I would like to be able to drive a bi-polar stepper with a 7.2 degree step angle. I have looked in the AMIS-30543 library and the AccelStepper library but I did’t spot any commands to set this. Can you point me in right direction? Thanks.


The step angle is a property of the physical configuration of the stepper motor and the signaling method the driver uses to step the motor is not dependent on that physical configuration. Because of this, our stepper library and examples deals with movement in steps rather than angles, though you can write code to take an angle and translate it to the appropriate number of steps. So with your 50 step/rev motor and the driver in full step mode, each step is 7.2 degrees.


Thanks for your excellent answer. I am new to all this so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something!