Setting current on STSPIN820

I am swapping out the DRV8825 controllers for the new STSPIN820 boards. Been having a number of failures with the 8825’s - plus this new board looks much better.

Is the current limit set the same as the A4988/DRV8825 family? .5v on adjusting screw for 2 amps?



The general procedure for setting the current limit (measuring VREF while turning the potentiometer) is the same. However, the formula for all of the boards you mention is different. You can find the specific formula for our STSPIN820 carrier board in the “Current Limiting” section of the board’s product page. Also, you should not expect a 2A current limit setting to work. The maximum current specified in the IC’s datasheet is 1.5A and on our carrier board without any supplementary cooling, we expect the maximum to be about 0.9A.


Thanks Nathan - will give that ref a look. I really don’t need 2 amps - just used that as a reference. Sorry I missed the current limiting section…