Set Tic36v4 Device Number Without USB

Hello. Unfortunately I managed to snap the micro usb port off of my Tic 36v4. I am using I2C (with polulu library) to communicate to my Tics. Is there anyway I can set the device number of my Tic using the I2C protocol only? Previously I did this with the TicGui. But that is not an option as I can not repair the usb port.

I see this post says I can not read the device number, but can I set it?

If not, could I perhaps mail the Tic to polulu for a small repair?

Unfortunately, you can only change the device number through the USB interface.

Please email us with your order information and some clear, close-up pictures of the damage on your Tic board (i.e. where the USB port was), and we will see what we can do to help you out. (Also, to avoid potential confusion, please note that our name is Pololu, not “Polulu”!)


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