Set Settings Command on I2C

Having designed my board with several TIC 500’s I was disappointed to find that the “Set Settings” command is only available on USB.

This means that I have to pre-program my TIC’s beforehand, instead of being able to set them up with my Odroid using I2C, thus simplifying my board design.

I typically set the homing speed, direction, command timeout, and a few other bits.

Seems like I’ll have to keep my USB hubs :frowning:, which means I may as well not bother doing I2C with the TICs. Pity.


Thank you for your feedback; I will pass it on. I’m sorry to hear it didn’t work out how you expected.

Could you clarify the problem with configuring your Tic controllers beforehand? You should only need to do that configuration once, and if you have a Tic that is already configured how you want, you can save a copy of its settings to your computer and load them onto subsequent controllers using the options in the “File” drop-down menu of the Tic Control Center.


there may be alternative methods to simplify your board design. For example, you could consider using a microcontroller with built-in USB functionality to communicate with the TICs over USB, and then communicate with the microcontroller over I2C from your Odroid. This could potentially streamline your design and allow for easier setup and programming of the TICs

Thanks for the response. It’s not a blocking problem configuring them beforehand, it’s just inconvenient. I pre-set the i2c addresses for specific TIC’s that perform specific functions in an (X, Y, Z, 4th-axis) gantry.

My board is modular so the TIC’s can be swapped in case of failure, and it would be convenient if (when a newly replaced board is detected by detecting a default i2c ID) my software could simply reconfigure the newly detected TIC for it’s old role in the system, and update it’s i2c ID and other parameters.

Having to preconfigure a TIC means I’d have to keep a set of XYZD preconfigured TIC’s around, and ship the correct replacement.

It’s certainly not a blocker for my project, as I have added a USB bus to the board as well, but it would reduce my complexity and BOM quite a bit if I didn’t have to add USB support to my board.

At this point I have I2C and USB on my board, and it would be great if I could go I2C only, so consider it a feature request.

Indeed, I have a small Micro on the board as well, which can be used for this purpose. I do already do i2c and USB from the Odroid however, so I can use both channels.

It would be simpler though, if I could do the settings changes over i2c, and avoid the USB side altogether.