Servo speed with A-Star 32U4

Hello, Please help on finding support about controlling servo speed (Servo FS5106B) using A-Star 32U4. The forum discussions haven’t really guided me. Thanks :capital_abcd: :grinning:

Are you driving the FS5106B servo directly from the A-Star 32U4? That servo is just a standard servo, so you have control over its position. One way to control the speed is to break up your movements into many smaller movements. For example, when moving from 1000µs to 2000µs, instead of just changing the pulse width to 2000µs, you can ramp it up slowly.


Hi, Yes, directly from the controller. Could you advise a few coding links.


We do not have any specific examples for controlling a servo like that from the A-Star 32U4, but if you try and run into problems, you can post what you have and I would be glad to help. If you aren’t already doing so, I recommend using the Arduino Servo library.


No help from the library I am afraid :frowning_face:
Just basic standards there.


I finally found a solution using VarSpeedServo.h from netlabtoolkit