Send position variable from 3pi to Arduino serial

Hi, i would like to know if someone know how can i take the position (variable) from the 3pi robot to the arduino serial??? maybe someone have a program or something like that…


I moved your post to its own thread, since it did not seem particularly related to the previous thread.

Your question is not entirely clear, but it sounds like you are asking how to send data from the 3pi to an Arduino via TTL serial. If that is correct, then you can use the serial functions of our AVR library to establish communication between an Arduino and the 3pi. The serial functions are documented under the “Orangutan Serial Port Communication” section of the Pololu AVR Library Command Reference guide.

- Amanda


Maybe with this you will understand what im trying to do, i can see the correct value at polulo 3pi LCD but in arduino serial i recive wrong values, i need that variable because i want to graph it on matlab, i think now you can help me, thanks

What baud rate did you set your Arduino Serial Monitor to? According to your Arduino sketch, the baud rate of your Arduino IDE’s Serial Monitor should be 9600.

- Amanda