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3pi Robot Videos


Hi all,

The source code for the global vision system, Paw Print, is now available upon request on my website.

The documentation for this project is somewhat lacking due to my busy schedule, but the system is simple enough to figure out, and source code comments abound.




Here are some links to the Pololu-Speakjet audio robot project I have been working on:

Jerry Guttman


Zumo - with a code rewrite speed increase

3PI - stock sample code

Elenco Line Follower

Zumo - stock sample code

All of the above robot videos were test runs then later entered in this high school robotics competition

3PI on a test coarse as part of a STEM event at a local college years ago
this one has custom code that guesses the straights in order to go faster for straights and slow down for curves

Years ago I linked a 3PI setup as a fire fighting robot. This video shows it during the test phase

3PI winning the Swerve mini competition

My youtube channel has a large assortment of high school, college, my personal made robots, and public robotics groups video’s. (The robotics groups being Robomo and CIRC.)
Most of the robots on my channel have various Pololu parts.



What a great selection of videos! Thank you for sharing them with us. I really like Foamy v1 from your YouTube page. It’s great to see things made for the snow.



We used raspberry pi control 3pi robot and achieved three functions: colour control, web server control and iphone control.



Thank you for sharing your robot with us. We love seeing our products used in creative ways. Do you have your build documented somewhere?



Just finished this:



Nice work! Thank you for sharing the video with us. If you feel like sharing more, you might post your code as well.



It was for a University project, so they now own the code. I’ll try and find out if I’m allowed to share it, but I imagine it’s completely up to them.


I tried with the given code of maze solving 3pi.
But it is asking for turn.h and follow-segment.h files.
where can I get the code for these files alongwith the turn.c and follow-segment.c?

Please help.

I am very new to 3pi. I just purchased it a week ago and only could work on PID line following code.



Thank you Jazcash.
I hope I will get the complete code.
Because its getting very hard for me and have messed up with it.

Even if I get just the idea of any such code structure of a most simple maze like the following, then I will try my level best to work on it and develop it further.

                                  |left & then U turn

start _| end




It sounds like you did not install the Pololu AVR library. Those files (turn.c and follow-segment.c) belong to the 3pi-mazesolver example of the library. If you have not already done so, you can follow the steps for your operating system in our Pololu AVR Programming Quick Start Guide to get started with software and programming your 3pi using the AVR library. For more information about the library, you can look at the Pololu AVR C/C++ Library User’s Guide.

- Amanda


Thanks AmandaS.
I read the related guidelines, but the guidelines only speak about installing the AS 6.2.

Are those libraries get installed while installing AS 6.2 automatically?

OR is there any other resource for them?

Please explain…



Now I am quite sure.
I thoroughly checked.
Whenever I try to write #include <avr/turn.h> or <avr/include/pololu/turn.h> or even with " " the files are now shown in the pull down menu.

Also I searched the entire of my PC, even at “…Atmel\Atmel Toolchain\AVR8 GCC\Native\3.4.1061\avr8-gnu-toolchain\avr\lib” this path. There is no such file as turn.h or follow-segment.h on my PC.

Also I checked the files “libpololu_*.a” and they are all available at this path: “Program Files\Atmel\Atmel Toolchain\AVR8 GCC\Native\3.4.1061\avr8-gnu-toolchain\avr\lib”

I am confused.



Thanks for helping.

Now I got it.

Thanks again.


[quote=“myblack60impala”]3pi setup as a fire fighting self balancing scooter robot

Very cool! A buddy of mine was working on something similar as far as following the path but didn’t have the “firefighter” capabilities, very nice and thanks for sharing!


Very good, thank you for sharing this video with us.How fire can be detected in this?


I’m programming my 3pi. My website doesn’t have any content yet, but I will share my code and videos there. When it does, please discuss it on my forum rather than filling up this one.
Here it is, ready?


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