Script Sequence Error

Hi all new to this… I made a sequence, saved it to my Maestro, and I can run it from my Adruino

I went back and created a new sequence, then copied all sequences to script, cool

when i go to the script tab and apply settings I get this, what does it mean, what happened?


The “Copy all Sequences to Script” button does not erase what is currently in your script (it just adds to it), so it sounds like there is some duplicated code from when you used it before. Can you try deleting everything in the “Script” tab and using the “Copy all Sequences to Script” button again? If you do not want to loose your current script forever, you could copy your script to a text editor, or you could just save a copy of your Maestro’s settings file through the “File” drop down menu while the controller is connected. The settings file will save your script as well as your Maestro’s other settings.

If that does not work, could you post your Maestro’s settings file here?

- Patrick

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thanks I caught that 2 mins after i posted this, i ended up removing the duplicate and writing my own code, will try this with my next sequence :slight_smile: thanks

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