Scalable Motors Controlled Installation


I need to build an installation which will at the begining only controled one motor but which has to be and will be scaled to 10, 100 motors. Each of them has to be independently controled.
I need to communicate with the controler by using a computer for example with a serial line.

What is the best controller card available to independently control a large number of motors?

I have seen the “Pololu Micro Dual Serial Motor Controller” which can control up to 62 motors while many cards are used in serial. But it seems that it will be soon out of stock and remplaced by the “Qik 2s9v1 Dual Serial Motor Controller” which does not look like supporting that same serial chain structure?

I do not look for a tiny card however cheaper is better.

Which card would you advice me?



Why do you think that the qik 2s9v1 does not support serial chaining? The last feature bullet point on the product page is:

Is there something unclear about the web page or something we could do to make it more clear that this is a supported feature?

The ideal controller for you largely depends on the features you want and the motors you will be controlling. Without knowing this, it’s really impossible to make any sort of recommendation.

- Ben

I am sorry, I am not native english but I had figure it out that the Qik 2s9v1 can be chained later on.

Here is more explanation about the installation:

Each motor as to rewind/uncoiling a wire exactly like if it was a fishing rod. A small object, will be located at the end of the wire.
So, that is a quite simple system.

For system with a large number of motor that has to be idependently controlled, the Qik 2s9v1 become expensive when 1 card is needed for 2 motors.

Thank you very much

You still haven’t really answered my questions. I need to know the specifications of your motors and what sorts of advanced features, if any, you want. Bidirectional motor control isn’t easy, so you’re not going to find an easily scalable solution for much cheaper than one qik 2s9v1 for every two motors. You could save money by getting motor drivers instead of motor controllers, but I don’t think this is what you want since generating the low-level inputs for 50 motor drivers would be incredibly taxing on your control source and would require significantly more wiring. It sounds like the qik 2s9v1 would be a good controller for what you’re trying to do as long as it meets your motor’s power requirements.

- Ben