Sanyo Step-Syn motor control

I am looking for controller driver for this stepper motor Sanyo Step-Syn. Type is
103-828-17 2.8v 2.2A . I did find one site that has a picture.

Your controllers seem to be border line for this stepper or am I mistaken.
Could I add circuitry to your drivers to handle this motor.
I would like to run the motor upwards to 4hrs at a time.

Thanks for any assistance.

Hello, Andy.

You might consider our MP6500, DRV8825 or AMIS-30543 stepper motor driver carriers. Each has capabilities that might work for systems using a stepper motor like those. Please note, none of those drivers can deliver the full 2.2A per phase those stepper motors require for continuous full torque applications without sufficient additional cooling. We do not have any electronics that could be used to get more current out of our stepper motor drivers.


Thanks Derrill,

I have a DRV8825. I will try with additional cooling.
Like your products. I keep watching your site for devices that handle more current.
Just saw your TIC line they look intriquing.